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  Dublin, 1997...

  These offices on Dublin's Dame Street, were where the opening works of dnadublin were created.
  Life of a logo?
  Logo design is commonly believed to be one of the most important areas in graphic design, thus making it the most difficult to perfect. The logo, or brand, is not just an image, it is the embodiment of an organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies and foster recognition by consumers it is counterproductive to redesign logos often.

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  The Rí-Rá logo designed by theworks limited, an earlier incarnation of DNA, has remain largely unchanged since its inauguration in 1989. Typography by PM.
  Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard the good ship DNA. Established in Dublin, in 1997, DNA are a team of graphic designers, copywriters, illustrators and translators operating from several worldwide locations.


DNA are the first Irish design studio to generate over 80% of their business directly from international clients over the internet. DNA's unique cross-cultural approach has meant the creation of successful identities, business names, and branding projects for a growing international client base.

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  After global warming

One of a series of images created in 1997 for Cafe Bar
N E M O in DunLaoghaire. The entire concept, from name to launch materials was created by dna.


"They''re the best!"

Tagg Technologies
(logo design - TireTags)

"dna have a very strategic approach and I enjoy working with them."
(Brand development - Bing.com)

"Great work. Great designs..."

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  Flashback 2004 ...

The iconic symbolry created for TheVillage on Wexford street in Dublin in 2004 is remembered above. This was an Naming and Visual Identity project.

  Down Under

  Long term client and colleagues Ram City in Australia benefited from a dnadublin makeover recently... Ram City are one of several clients from Australia and New Zealand.

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  DNA in Brazil
  Visit our recently launched brazilian website - dnabh.com.br. Dnabh has a special focus on bi-lingual design & web development services and is an ideal partner for anyone wanting to enter the vibrant Brazilian market. Visit the site here.
  What will I get?
  After agreeing schedules and payment terms, we will send you on a questionaire. We will then send you a number of First Drafts. dna rely on frank, constructive feedback and build our designs with you as center.
  One of several animated motifs for econsortium in Austin, Texas. Visit Site



The design process is very fluid and the final solution comes from a dialogue between DNA and our clients. We expect frank, constructive feedback to our concepts. DNA are relentless in the pursuit of a successful solution for your project. We use hard work, careful consideration and high production values - these are the key to successful communications, plus the occasional magic from DNA's designers, of course.

  Where are we?

Karl Mooney, originally from Dublin, came to live in Brazil in 2001, with his family. He currently lives in Belo Horizonte and makes frequent trips home to Dublin where DNA have a studio by the sea in Rush. Belo is Brazil's third largest city and is located west of Rio de Janeiro. Karl co-founded DNA in 1997 with writer and creative hitman Pat Quinn. "At the time of the move to Brazil, in 2001, most of DNAs illustrious clients were not web savvy", says Karl. 'Letting DNA go was not an option" he continued. "We had built a strong reputation, for cutting edge design and name development in Dublin. Going virtual and offering our services to a global market was the obvious decision. The work we had done was just too good."
















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